Ceiling Light Grace

The Grace LED ceiling light consists of a round metal screen with a white texture and a discreet, yet modern look. The acrylic diffuser in which the LED source is located is placed on the circular edge of the lamp and when it is turned on, it makes the light flow evenly, beautifying its image. Thanks to the high level of lighting, this modern ceiling lamp perfectly serves as the main lighting in any room in the home or in commercial spaces such as restaurants or hotels.

A further emphasis is that it can be muted using two possible options:

- Dali / Push - dimming is performed using the remote control and / or button

- Triac - dimming is performed from a mobile phone via the SMART LIFE application. Grace is also available in an unadjustable version, which can be turned on / off using a wall switch.

Grace ceiling light is available in three different sizes:

- Small size: 48 cm in diameter and 6 cm in height - Medium size: 58 cm in diameter and 6 cm in height

- Large dimensions: diameter 78 cm and height 6 cm. The light source is an LED 3000K of 3450/4250/6800 lm.

* Dimmable accessories are not included.

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